Saturday, October 25, 2008


Have been working day and night to produce this journal, which is from my love of color, my experience with what I needed for grieving, and my love of working with paper. I heard today that creativity stimulates the same area of the brain as healing does. When someone is healing from a physical injury, the same part of their brain is lit as when someone is being creative!! I am healing all the time. I'm having trouble downloading pictures, but hope to do this soon.

Today I read from Alan Wolfelt's book/journal about the journey through grief. It brought up to me that his work would have been helpful to have earlier, as he talks about facing that the death happened as the first thing that needs to be done. I realized I haven't totally gotton the gems out of grief and worn them on my crown - I still am holding on to how hard it is to be single mom,, and widowed in this society. More work to do! His approach is helpful and compassionate. Mine is more intuitive. He is an expert and I am someone who is going on her own experience. So tired from late night production. Here it is and I have some good testimonials I hope to insert soon. I got my first order this week!

New Expressive Arts Journals - Introductory Special
Dancing Artist: A Journal for Discovering Treasures
Birthday % Holiday Editions

The Birthday Journal is for reflection on what is to celebrate about you, and to take steps to embody your deepest dreams and inclinations towards growth. For yourself or another person you cherish. Children and Babies Birthday Journal - a version for birthdays of little people – the doting relatives and friends at the birthday party fill out portions about memories, wishes, and shining attributes already noted). Mini-Holiday Journals are to let family friends express/appreciate/share holiday hopes at holiday gatherings. Journals can be brought out yearly. Calligraphed name/birth date on birthday journals.

Love 101: To Mourn, Perchance to Dance Journal

This is an awesome journal containing sections that that open up reflection, awareness and integration, and bring the person grieving love and compassion in their process. Hand-calligraphed, book includes Reflection Questions, Expressive Arts Exercises, Bridge from Guilt to Compassion, Canopy of Support, and Faces of Grief illustration.

The Color Coded Clutch Purse: What to Pack Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually for Honey’s Hospital Stay

This journal contains excellent tools for keeping sane on all levels and preventing unnecessary stress before, during, and after a hospitalization. Author created it based on 20 years as a hospital social worker, and going through hospitalizations with her husband when he had cancer. Contains journal pages with calligraphy and vivid pastel color.

Journals contain natural wool/cashmere yarns or ribbons & surprises.
Expressive Arts from and for the Heart. By expressive arts therapist, MSW. Comfort Baskets & “You are Loved” monthly/weekly pages available for stressed people. Journals $23, Introductory Special: $19. Mini-Journals $5, now $4. Contact me and will e-mail shipping and handling fees/order form. Give the gift of healing for the holidays.

Call/ e-mail:, Claudia Gold: 310.707.6306

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