Sunday, June 21, 2009


Affirmation that occurred to me today:

The universe provides me with all I need to have more and more ease and support and joy and wisdom, (why not?) day by day with parenting my dear daughter.

We are assisted by loving souls who are in the spiritual realms within this world, and we receive their healing and sustenance.

John's ease and humor are appreciated. My dad's care and love for me is appreciated. May all dads feel good in their hearts for the sacrifices and goodness they have given. Bless, John, today and always. He died 3 years ago. Ouch.

To you and me, Claudia

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esther said...

Having been a single parent, I can totally empathize with you; sometimes when the years are hellish, golden years are ahead; i wish you that; we are being carved out, we puny mortals who have universes enfolded within. Love you esther