Sunday, November 27, 2011


Make Blessings for the Moment: OR (If you don't like the word "blessings" try the following) Expressive Arts FunHealing Exercise):

1) Hands facing away from you and spread apart by 8 inches or so, let them float down from near your face to your chest and push them you sigh, and say

2) I let go of __________.

Example: I let go of being mad at myself for betting angry at my daughter yesterday.
I let go of the thought that I cannot do technological things on the computer.

This exercise can be repeated as many times as desired for letting go of Thanksgiving family angst or anything else about work, friendships, etc...

(I just did this standing in front of a full length mirror, let go of worrying about my weight, and found an affirmation arising as I looked in my eyes: It is OK for me to be who I am.)

Then, if the spirit moves you, this can be reversed:

1) Raise arms out and above your head and bring them down to your chest as you sigh and say:

2) I bring you ______________________.

Example: I bring you acceptance for not being perfect.

Blibbits from My Brain at this Moment:

Gotta get ready to go to 5 Rhythms dance class.

I noticed I had not blogged in a while! Living in an apple orchard, in Sebastopol seemed to bring out the blog in me more, a few years back. But I have beautiful places to go here in L.A., too...

My "late" spiritually graduated husband had designed for me a web-site. One page of it seems to have remained on the Internet and it has an article on it about bringing the light into dark times by wonderful oncology social worker and being Dani Daniels and myself. Google: Illumined Hearts Claudia Gold-Fanning.

Make Blessings,


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