Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shower as Temple

 BooBoooBoooBoooShower Writing Presents:

                                                     Shower as Temple

              by Claudia Gold, copyright 2013

Where do you fall into when you turn to the Sun of Hearts, the God, or whatever you call it?  What happens to you? In this place mysterious.

What is this? What magenta dish comes to your inner love and says, “Waken.” (Or is the dish black, purple, yellow, and, if not, what?) What deeeeeeeeep plate does your energetic love come to your
growing-flourishing-aliveness on?

I have this morning a dish on which is a green book, pages opened, and when in there I find some delicacy, it opens deep airway, listening in there the deep and large spaciousness trumpets in lilies and tiny flower chords that all is well. A magnifying deep trumpet of my being calls and like in the movie Close Encounters, beams me to a “space-ship” of another gigantic and generous, dynamic, comforting ESSENCE. I am here.

From this deep completion in a moment, calling me to more, to my lovingest self/Source, can I write about ADD? Or my doggie Taz in the morning, who is pawing on me and licking me from under my desk? Or styles of writing, like the deep inner one I tried this morning, in a place I wonder if saints and mystics of many times have eagerly entered in the morning as temples – the shower?

In THE SHOWER THERE IS NOONE TO TRY TO BE. Nothing to do. What a free space. What a retreat.  This vastness dimension knows where to find us - - in the shower. If our soul wishes to relate? If our heart wishes to create, If our mind wishes to negotiate, it can here. Add in to this aromatherapy, the scents of soap, the bubbles and massages, relaxing God knows what brain indexes, no computers in there, no facebook, or Pinterest or blogging or clients or being sold to, or obligations or friends.  NO  shame in here. Or if some surfaces it recedes in warm beatings of shower, moist massages of soap, and the non-linear rhythms of watering, and perhaps a word or two or reassuring self talk.

If I was to write about ADD I’d say that it was here, in the shower, I got the idea to make a movement to mimic my creative ADD (or as my feng shui friend calls it, my prolificness)   My movement, made on the turquoise shower rug when I departed showering, has my hands making a vibrating motion towards each other by my head, it is frenetic, it is narrow focused, it is writing and reading for seven hours yesterday at the computer, it is not doing this today.

I am narrow focused. I need a maid and a butler, and maybe a Kickstarter, an accountant, a handyman and a secretary to handle my “To Do” piles. Oh, yeah, and a gardener.  I need more income to hire these people. And to get such income in the past I have had to draw on the biggest spaciousness. That Sun of Heart deeply in the mornings, to walk into hospitals and see sick people, many brave sick people, faithful sick people, and feel so many colors of feelings to calmly and lovingly do my job, quickly moving on to the next client. Give me a shower, and a green book on a glass plate, because there is a freedom there, and even though I do probably need to return to the 9 -5, at least for a while, no one can take my deep retreat place, the shower, from me, that I can return to at 7:00 in the morning, the burgundy towel still wrapped around me as I create, just a little on this keyboard.

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