Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Green Jewish Client

                  My Green Jewish Client

by Claudia Gold copyright 2013

I’ve got a feelin’, a feelin’ in side, that my green Jewish client is my ultimate find, so what is a green Jew(ish woman), yes talk to me, she’s from Booklyn or L.A. or new to Berkeley. Ha-ha and I’ve got a feelin’, a feelin’ inside, that my Jewish client is as frank as she is kind.  With an MFT, or Ph.D, she studied the mind, to stand up to a valiant mother who was emotionally wild - Oh!

And I’ve got a feelin’, a feelin inside, that my ideal client has a green Jewish Inner Child. And frankly, I’ll tell you what the rabbi said to me, that his congregation doesn’t need to be shame free. But I’ve got a feelin’ right here in my chest that a lot of inner chachkas are just dying to be blessed.

I find her at the mic standing for women’s rights, banning rifles and GMO’s, or at the Sassoon beauty school for a touch up of color: hair, hands or toes. At her son’s orthodontist Dr. Toothstein or a Mindfulness meditation, this strong, spiritual Jew only needs an invitation and…

I’ve got a feelin’, a feelin’ inside, that my green Jewish client is unbelievably kind. Only organic strawberries and kosher turkey for her family, she is funny, and helpful, irreverent and silly. Perhaps I can find her at the sales rack at Whole Foods, checking prices on homeopathics for her OCD or ADD or moods.
She’s had her share of tsouras, she’s a survivor as well, when she’s not throwing bagels she gives hugs as she kvells. And I’ve got a feeling, she’s cutting through the kvetch, karma and maya, to her friends and her clients, she’s becoming a Mechaya,.

You see a friend told me your client is like you, and lately in the mirror I can see a Baha’i-Jew, so I better get going to the dance class or the synagogue, because the last thing I’m doing is publishing this blog – Oh!

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